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With the new policy about tourists, Myanmar is becoming hot destination this year – Myanmar Tours 2013 

Thingyan water festival

1. Myanmar festival in April

It is called Thingyan, or water festival that takes place in April every year.

Thingyan water festival takes place four days and in this time, all the shops, restaurants, stores were closed. People throw water on each other to clean the unfortunate and sins of the old year.

2. Internet is not prohibited, but very slowly

Since 2000, the Internet has allowed to use in Myanmar, but with price is a very high and transmission speeds is slow. Phone tariffs is higher than other Asian countries.

3. Beautiful beaches

Ngapali beach

Myanmar has 2,000 km coastline and one of them is the most beautiful beaches in Asia. These beach stretch the Bengal bay. The most famous beach is Ngapali, 45 minutes flight from Yangon.

4. Carrying cash and keep them clean

There are very few ATMs in Myanmar so, you need to carry a lot of cash. You also need to keep it very clean: no stains, no creases …because the currency will lost value

Credit cards can only be used in the 5 star hotel or luxury restaurant and Next year, The credit card will be accepted and used widely in Myanmar.

5. Call the beer by kiss sound

Myanmar beer

In Myanmar, when the people want to attract attention with the waiter, they usually create sounds that like the kiss (2 – 3 times). That’s the reason you will hear the sound of kiss everywhere on the streets in Myanmar

6. Expensive Hotels

Hotel room rates in Myanmar are higher than Asian countries. Since Myanmar has opened, a lot of tourists have come to this country, but many hotels were still being built and not yet meet all customers

7. Men wearing skirts


Traditional Costumes of Myanmar is longyi, a skirt is wrapped around people by both men and women.

A lot of men wear underwear inside while in rural Myanmar, they are naked inside. They say that It is the way to deal with the temperature always at 40 degrees C.

8. Just eat with right hand

Eating with your left hand in Myanmar is indecorous act. In Myanmar, the left hand is only used for personal hygiene. So, when handling food or give money to someone, you have to use by the right hand.

The Myanmar people use fingers to squeeze rice into small cubes and mixe with other foods. The Buddhists do not eat beef, while Muslims do not eat pork.

9. Poor quality trains

Services in Myanmar (travel by train) is rather poorly. Myanmar train go very slowly and late. At night, the temperature is cold on the ship while the day is very hot.

10. Newsagents in Yangon

Limited information for a long time, The press is almost the only way that Myanmar people can learn about the world. That is reason, there are a lot of newsagents every streets in Myanmar.

11. People chew betel


Eating betel is the daily pleasures of the people in Myanmar. The stalls sell betel nut everywhere. People constantly chew betel to reddish-brown staining teeth.

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