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Myanmar (or Burma) is the sacred land of Buddhist with gold temples, monks and ancient monasteries and a lot of beautiful natural landscapes.
Myanmar is not only the pilgrimage land of the Buddha’s disciples but also hides a lot of exciting things for people who like adventure, discovery. Here, Huong Viet Travel introduce 10 unique tourist destination in Myanmar. Don’t forget to visit this beautiful country!

Shwedagon Golden Temple

1. Swedagon Golden Temple (Yangon)

This is a golden symbol of Myanmar, the temple is 2500 years old, its legend was born before the Buddha died. Swedagon tower is 98m high and many smaller towers are around where save many sacred treasures of Buddhism. Although there are a lot of wars and calamity, Swedagon is still one of the largest temples in the world.

2. Golden Rock (Mon State)

Monk at Golden Rock

It’s more than 200km far from Yangon, Golden Rock’s at an altitude of 1,100 m, with little pagodas Kyaiktyo create a relic unique. Golden Rock is famous by the protruding and gold surfaces. If you want to go on the Kyaiktiyo temple, you sure have to pass Golden Rock. However, only men can approach Golden Rock, women could only remote viewing .

3. Shwezigon Golden Temple (Bagan)

Shwezigon Golden Temple

Located in Bagan (capital of the ancient Pagan kingdom where focused thousands of big and small temples). Shwezigon Golden temple that is the second largest In Myanmar, was built in the 12th century

4. Shwesandaw Temple (Bagan)

Shwesandaw Pagoda Sunset

In Bagan, you should come to Shwesandaw every sunset to watch the sunset. Standing from here, you can see the legend Bagan lands with thousands of large and small temples, towers. It’s really very impressive

5. Ananda Temple (Bagan)

Ananda Temple

Also located in Bagan, Ananda is built in the 11-12 centuries. This is a testament about the golden age of the Bagan kingdom with the reign of the great king Tilinman. Ananda has unique architecture, unlike the two famous Golden temple above, and also unlike temples or towers in the Bagan area.

6. Mahamuni Temple (Mandalay)


Mandalay is Burma’s capital, where have a lot of temples and the monk. Mahamuni Temple that is a gold symbol of Mandalay, was built in the 18th century. There are a 4m high statue, weighing is 6.5 tonnes and was plated gold layer 15cm thick – so annual the Buddhist devotees still come here to dedicate and continue platinize the statues.

7. Inhwa Village (Mandalay)

Inwa is a beautiful little village beside Ayeyarwady River. This ancient village is famous tourist destination with multiple heritages as Bagaya Kyaung monastery was built by 267 teak pillars or Nanmyin leaning tower that is 27m high …

8. Mingun village (Mandalay)

Mingun village

Mingun there are many monuments and landscapes but the most prominent is the Mingun bell and sometimes people object Chinthe are considered treasures. Chinthe (mascot half lion half dragon) is a pair of giant statues standing guard by the river bank. But stupa Mingun gives the opposite feeling overwhelmed, orange brick block striking blue sky lofty.

9. Ubein Bridge (Mandalay)

Ubein Bridge

Ubein Bridge that is in Amarapura ancient village, is the longest teak bridge in the world (1.2 km). Wooden bridge was almost 200 years old. The way that Amarapura Villagers comeback home, was the pilgrims path of the monks who wore long robes … From U Bein Bridge, sunset was brilliant and impressive that any visitor will remember if they have ever seen

10. Inle Lake (Shan)

Inle lake

Inle Lake is about 11km wide, stretches 22 km from north to south. When you have adventure tour or sightseeing tour to the lake, you will experience many emotions: going through the floating house, the boat, the fisherman who wear traditional dress Longiy, sailing as artists ….

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