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Quan Lan, Vietnam: The beautiful and most pristine beach

The island is one of the most accurate answer to the question: “In the North, where has clear blue sea, fine white sand and most pristine?”
Quan Lan beach
Unspoiled island is located in Bai Tu Long Bay is located in the island district of Van Don (Quang Ninh), want to go to Quan Lan, passengers have to spend  2 hours sitting on the high speed train from Cai Rong.
Quan Lan beach
The first impression, the difference of Quan Lan with other northern waters are colored blue water, white sand beaches that are as beautiful as any beach in Central.
Here the clean and clear sea water, white sand smooth. The beaches are very clean, because they’re still pristine
Quan Lan beach
A sunny beach day. Quan Lan has some resort with comfortable rooms, or pine house on the beach for guests who want to really experience the feeling immersed in nature.
Coming to Quan Lan, you certainly have to enjoy the most famous seafood as sea ​​worms (Sá Sùng) and sea urchin (Cầu gai, Nhum)
Quan Lan beach
Means of transportation here is mainly tuk tuk. Across all roads on the island, from the jetty to the hotel, to house, the beach… every where
Tuk Tuk
Here, almost the only place in the North have a lot of width dunes, windswept. The tourists can jump high on sand. But you can’t sliding sand  because dunes sand not enough high. In return, you will have moments of relaxation such as cycling beside the dunes, along the small streets full of flowers.
Quan Lan beach
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