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If you go to a tea shop in Myanmar, you will always have the cake on the table to sip with the hot tea. We can say the cake was one of extraordinary cuisine in the culinary culture of the people in Myanmar.

Prawn Cakes for Sale

Myanmar is one of the points to attract foreign tourists, including many Vietnamese people. Apart from the Buddhist ruins, the poetic landscape, this country is also a dining area that waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

In addition to the traditional dishes such as grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves “nga baung doke” chicken grill with salt and chilli “kyethar susie kyaw” salad “lahpet thohk” always have in main meals and the main vegetable are fresh tea leaves, Mohinga (fish + noodles) for breakfast on special occasions, and a lot of curry cooked with seafood, pork, chicken, lamb … the Myanmar people also like the different kinds of bread, from sweet to savory

Mohnt Laymyah - Couple Crispies - Mandalay

Market cake stand

In the morning, with the cup of tea or coffee, Myanmar people usually eat a piece of cake baked with rice flour with egg, or Chapatti a piece of cake baked crispy and eat with peanut or a piece of cake paratha with many layers, sprinkle sugar on top. With Western visitors accustomed doughnut, in Myanmar have a similar kind of doughnut, sprinkled with sugar or coconut fiber.

Chapati - Mandalay

Afternoon is a good time to enjoy the savory cakes are often sold on the street, including donuts with the shrimp, green beans and onions

Most cakes are made from rice flour or sticky rice flour or mixed both. With these kinds of saltine crackers, mix it with garlic powder, onion and ginger puree to the pan when baked or fried in oil for fragrance. Flour is mixed with coconut fiber, sesame seeds, tomatoes, cabbage, herbs, curry powder … to do all kinds of different cakes.

Also very popular with the locals is a multi-component tray: laphet or green tea leaves are soaked in oil, served with sesame seeds, dried garlic, roasted peanuts, coconut fiber and several types of thin bread fried

Tea leaf salad

You may be invited to tasting tray “cake” when visiting any of the Myanmar people’s house. Especially laphet trays that commonly monks invite guests when they visit the temple.

Shwe Ji Hsa Nwin Ma Kin (


Coconut cake desser

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