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If Myanmar is regarded as the “Land of the golden tower” with the unique Buddhist works, the majestic Shwedagon Golden Temple is the “pride” of this country.

Myanmar cultural heritage: Shwedagon golden temple

Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the most famous religious architecture in the world. It is not known exactly when this temple was built, but according to archaeologists, Shwedagon Pagoda has a history of over 2,500 years, was built in the sixth century to the tenth century

Located atop a hill in Yangon Singuttara, north Kandawgyi lake. Majestic Shwedagon, the pride of Myanmar and is considered one of the masterpieces of the world. Golden Shwedagon pagoda including 1,000 towers to surround the temple center. This huge golden tower is 99m high, is the center of the temple, including 3 main parts: the bottom of the tower, the tower and the tower itself.

Originally, the tower was built of brick, and only more than 20 meters high but then continually building supplement and to the 18th century reached its current height of 99m.

Shwedagon pagoda

The entire tower covered in a layer of gold on the outside, each gold leaf about the size of 20 x 20 cm was attached to a tower with rivets. According to statistics, the lower half of the tower was covered by 8688 gold leaf, while the upper half is 13,153 gold leaves. Crown-shaped tower, which was attached by 5448 diamonds, 2317 rubies, sapphire and other precious stones, with 1065 small gold bells. On the flag at the top of the tower, was attached by a diamond weighing 76 carats (15 g). Shwedagon Pagoda was renovated several times after the impact of natural disasters, particularly when the temple is influenced by earthquake at least 8 times in the 17th century. The current temple was rebuilt after the 1786 earthquake.

Shwedagon pagoda
Shwedagon golden temple, at night

The gilded Buddha statues inside the temple. Whether the daytime under the sun or at night under bright lights, the entire temple and especially the gold spiers is always majestic, brilliant. However, the majority of the people of Myanmar as well as tourists, the time is probably to admire the best Shwedagon at sunset

According to legend, two Myanmar trader brothers are Bhallika and Taphussa, traded in India and Buddhist enlightenment. Upon returning home, they bring 8 hairs of the Buddha Sakyamuni. With the help of the king at the time, Okkalapa. Two brothers built Shwedagon Pagoda to store the hairs of the Buddha

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