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Mingun, It’s not the famous tourist destinations in Myanmar (the country with pagodas, temples, towers … ), Mingun is one of the ancient villages on the outside of Mandalay (the ancient capital). However, if you come to the village by the river, it will leave you more emotional and impression.

Mingun Vilage

Mingun – Myanmar Tourist Destinations

Departing from the pier in Mandalay follow the Ayeyarwady river that is 2.170km long to come to Mingun. The journey is interesting from the beginning with the riverside scene that is familiar and strange. Familiarity with living life images of people who live by the river. But in the pure sunshine of the morning, everything become new fresh, as is filtered by magic lens.

Ayeyarwady river

Ayeyarwady River – Myanmar Tourist Destinations

The scenery on both sides there are very interesting differences. In the western riverside is adjacent Mandalay the development downtown, with high wooden stilts that is between lush green gardens, the eastern riverside is like a desert with long sands. However, both sides have a common is the slow life and the comfort of the people.

Mingun Vilage

The first destination is the ruins of the unfinished Mingun Pagoda, an ambitious project of King Bodawpaya. This huge temple was started in 1790. The expected height was 150 m, but then stopped midway because of the prophecy that the king would die if temple built. Although it’s never finished but imposing ruins is still huge as a small hill, enough to posterity admire and admiration. The giant cracks after earthquake in 1838 not only didn’t destroyed but also made this legacy become more impressive. Not far from Mingun Pagoda, is the world’s largest bell that weighs 90 tons, was cast for the temple, but has never been used.

Mingun Bell

Mingun bell

Although you saw the Hsinbyume temple on the cover of guidebook about Myanmar, but you will be impressed when standing in front of this beautiful temple. Named follow Queen Hsinbyume, The temple was built by Bagyidaw King in 1816 in memory of his wife. Architecture of temple simulates the Meru god mountain, the mountain is said to be the center of the universe

Mingun Vilage

You can climb to the top floor, enjoying a rare quiet moment in the journey and enjoy a panoramic view Mingun village along the Ayeyarwady river below

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