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Go around the downtown Yangon, visitors can enjoy the street food, special dishes in Myanmar such as tea and flat bread, samosa salad, yogurt …


Myanmar cuisine that few people know and be influenced cultural of neighboring countries such as India, Thailand, and China, but this country’s cuisine still has its own characteristics.

Myanmar dishes are often very sour, and be usually accompanied with side dishes, such as curry meat with herbs, sauces and many other spices.

Tea and flatbread

milk tea

Milk tea is usually sold on the low tables around the sidewalks in Yangon, morning and evening is the most appropriate time to enjoy this tea. Similar to “chai” in India, Myanmar milk tea is black, mixed with sweetened condensed milk, be eaten with Indian flatbread that be sprinkled with sugar or fried bread sticks.

Samosa salad

samosa salad

Samosa salad or “thoke” is the main dish in the culinary culture in Myanmar. Almost everything is diced and mixed to create “thoke”. Ingredients and taste’s samosa salad are different by each sellers, but still basically chopped samosa (triangles bread is fried with potatoes, turmeric, beans), green beans, cabbage, shallots and tomatoes. Add a few leaves of fresh mint or cilantro, and a few drops of lemon juice to add charming dish. Samosa salad is sold at the streets in Yangon, so visitors can easily enjoy this dish anywhere.

Food of the Shan people

Shan is an ethnic group living in northeastern Myanmar, and their cuisine is adored by people in Myanmar. Shan is characterized by the yellow lentil flour that is the basic components, make food more unique

Shan noodle

The stalls that selling Shan dishes, always stand out with large chunks of Shan tofu (made ​​from yellow lentils or chickpeas), and yellow noodles. You can eat Shan tofu by 3 different ways: eating hot soup, eating cold with salad, hard tofu, cabbage, chili sauce, crushed peanuts and coriander or fried (eating with sauce)



One cup of yogurt will help cool down the body very well in the hot afternoon. Here, It is usually homemade yogurt and put in the big aluminum bowl. You can enjoy yogurt with sugar and ice, or add with fruit such as strawberries or avocado. In addition, sugarcane juice is also popular soft drinks in Myanmar.



The 19 road that is between Mahabandoola and Anawrahta Roads, is a lively collection of BBQ restaurants. when you chose your restaurant (all similar), grab a basket and start picking food from potatoes, zucchini, octopus, chicken …

Give it to chef who will cook and bring back for you. Some food was marinated with spices, but still has some spices on the table for you. Seller will charge by counting the number of oblique that be left on your plate.

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