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Let’s Discovery the seductive tourism beaches in Vietnam with Huong Viet Travel – Don’t have the beauty of the blue sea, white sand, but the scent of fruit, mysterious black sand which made Mui Nai “attract” many foreign tourists coming to Vietnam.

Doc Let beach

Doc Let beach

Doc Let beach

Doc Let or Doc Lech, Ninh Hai ward, Ninh Hoa town, Khanh Hoa Province.

Doc Let beach is very beautiful with white sand, blue sea and the water level is suitable for the people who can swim, can not swim or children. Besides swimming, enjoying fresh seafood, cheap, tourist services should not be overlooked such as visiting the fishing village, the salt fields, discovery Hon Khoi, Hon Heo, Van Phong region. It’s one of the most the beautiful bays in Vietnam

Mui Ne beach

mui ne beach

Mui Ne is 22 km far from the center of the city of Phan Thiet to the northeast, Mui Ne is connected to sea city by Nguyen Dinh Chieu street (706 street).

As one of the familiar names of tourism beaches in Vietnam, but few visitors know what Mui Ne mean? Its name is created by the fishermen when they push off and storms come, often come here to refuge. “Mui” is a headland into the sea, “Ne” means to dodge.

Mui Ne is dreamy with golden sand, blue sea, sand dunes, cheap fresh seafood, and sea sports

mui ne beach

Vung Tau beach

Vung Tau Beach

The beautiful coasts, dreamy beaches, the famous old lighthouse , Jesus statue has the largest arms in the world

The beautiful coasts, dreamy beaches, the famous old lighthouse , Jesus statue has the largest arms in the world, fresh seafood, delicious food … which tourists can not miss when coming to Vung Tau.

Besides the well-known places. Recently, the coastal city also operates a series of works, new places such as Long Son big house, enjoy the famous seafood at floating house nearby, Ho May resort with a series of new pristine beaches Chi Linh beach, Ho Tram beach, Ho Coc beach …

Mui Nai beach

mui nai beach

Mui Nai beach (Loc Tri) which is one of 10 beauty of Ha Tien, is praised through poetry “Loc Tri village” by Mac Thien Tu.

Mui Nai beach is not wide, small waves, the sand is dark brown. Follow the locals, the sand is black because beach has much mud, very good for your skin.

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