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  • Independence Day
    • Date : January 4
    • Venue : All over the country
    • Details : To commemorate the country's Independence in 1948
  • Kachin Manaw Festival
    • Date : January 10
    • Venue : Myitkyina, Kachin State
    • Details : Traditional Kachin ethnic New Year Festival. Duration 1 day.
  • Kayin New Year
    • Date : 1st day of the month of Pyatho (last week of December or first week of January)*
    • Venue : In the Kayin quarters of Yangon and at townships where Kayin are the majority.
    • Details : Kayin ethnic traditional New Year celebrations
  • Naga New Year
    • Date : January 14 -16
    • Venue : In Naga Hills, on the border with India and Myanmar. Traditional Naga ethnic festival where the festival rotates between three major townships in the Naga Hills.
  • Ananda Pagoda festival
    • Date : Dates to be confirmed*
    • Venue : Ananda Pagoda, Bagan
    • Details : A typical Buddhist pagoda festival which takes place one week preceding the fullmoon of Pyatho to fullmoon day (January) 
  • Shan State Day
    • Date : February 9
    • Venue : Taunggyi, Southern Shan State and Lashio
    • (Northern Shan State)
    • Details : Traditional Shan ethnic dances etc performed.
  • Union Day
    • Date : February 12
    • Venue : All over the country
    • Details : To commemorate the signing of the Panglong Agreement between the various ethnic groups of Myanmar to demand Independence in 1947
  •  Kyaikkauk Pagoda Festival
    • Date : Fullmoon day of Tabodwe (February)*
    • Venue : Thanlyin township (formerly Syriam)
    • Details : Typical Buddhist Pagoda festival
  • Chin National Day
    • Date : February 20
    • Venue : Mindat(Southern Chin State) and Haka(Northern Chin State)
    • Details : Chin ethnic festival
  • Lahu New Year Festival
    • Date : Normally coincides with the Chinese New Year*
    • Venue : Kyaing Tong, Eastern Shan State
    • Details : Typical Lahu ethnic New Year Festival

  • Kekku Pagoda Festival
    • Date : Fullmoon of Tabaung (March)*
    • Venue : Kekku Pagoda near Taungyi, Southern Shan State
    • Details : Typical Pa-O ethnic pagoda festival
  • Pindaya Pagoda Festival
    • Date : Fullmoon day of Tabaung (March)*
    • Venue : Pindaya Township, Southern Shan State
    • Details : Typical Pa-O and Palaung ethnic festival
  • Shwedagon Pagoda Festival
    • Date : Fullmoon day of Tabaung (March)*
    • Venue : Yangon
    • Details : Typical Buddhist festival
  • Maw Tin Soon Pagoda Festival
    • Date : Fullmoon day of Tabaung (March)*
    • Venue : Mawtin Point(Cape Negris), Ayeyarwady Division
    • Details : A typical Buddhist festival with the pagoda on a hill facing the Bay of Bengal

  • Thingyan Festival
    • Date : Normally in the 2nd week of April* (Depends on the astrologers to determine the exact dates)
    • Venue : All over the country
    • Details : A Myanmar New Year Festival where water is thrown on everyone
  • Gon Shan New Year
    • Date : Coincides with Myanmar New Year*
    • Venue : Kyaing Tong, Eastern Shan State
    • Details : Gon Shan ethnic New Year Festival

  • Kason Fullmoon Day
    • Date : Fullmoon day of Kason (May)*
    • Venue : All over the country at all prominent pagodas and monasteries.
    • Details : Water is poured on the sacred Bo Trees (Ficus) where Buddha is said to have attained Enlightenment.

  • Pakokku Thiho Shin Pagoda Festival
    • Date : 8th waxing day of Nayon to Waning day of Nayon (June)*
    • Venue : Pakokku Township
    • Details : A typical Buddhist festival

  • Waso Fullmoon Day
    • Date : Fullmoon day of Waso (July)*
    • Venue : At all Buddhist monasteries and pagodas
    • Details : Monks are offered holy robes. It is the day when Buddha delivered his First Sermon.

  • Taungbyone Nat Festival
    • Date : Fullmoon Day of Wagaung (August)*
    • Venue : Taungbyone village near Mandalay
    • Details : It is a ceremony for the nats or spirits.


  • Yadana Gu Nat festival
    • Date: September 02 - 08
    • Venue: Amarapura, Mandalay
    • Details: Known as mother of Taungbyone festival. Most enjoyable because of the rowing boat trip to the site. The festival is held annually in honor of Popa Medaw, Mewanna <mother of the two Lords> who came back from Taunbyon Festival, on her way back to Mt. Popa, she halted at the Yadanagu as her transit-camp.
  • Bo Bo Gyi Nat Festival 
    • Date: September 16 - 28
    • Venue: Taungthaman Lake, Mandalay
    • Details: Bo Bo Gyi is believed to have high level alchemical and to have expired to become a Nat. On the eve of ceremony pilgrims throw tealeaf packets at one another from racing exacts. It is regarded as a pledge that one who is hit must take a visit next year with out fail.
  • Manuha Pagoda Festival 
    • Date: September 23 (full moon day of Tawthalin)
    • Venue: Bagan
    • Details:During the festival, the Myinkaba Villagers march a parade with representation of the Jataka tales of the lives of Buddha. Most of the young villagers would take part in the roles of the king, queens and other characters. The festival is for two days. 


  • Kaung Hmu Daw Pagoda Festival
    • Date : Fullmoon Day of Thadingyut (October)*
    • Venue : Sagaing Township
    • Details : People go to offer food to the Buddha at dawn
  • Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival
    • Date : Fullmoon Day of Thadingyut (October)*
    • Venue : Lake Inlay, Southern Shan State
    • Details : Most famous of pagoda festivals. The 4 Images are put on a gilt barge and towed around the lake by 800 leg-rowers
  • Elephant Dance Festival
    • Date : Fullmoon day of Thadingyut (October)*
    • Venue : Kyaukse township near Mandalay
    • Details : Papier mache elephants are carried around the town with elephant dance competitions.

  • Katein Holy Robes Offering Ceremonies
    • Date : The whole month of Tazaungmon(November)*
    • Venue : All over the country at all monasteries
    • Details : The monks are offered holy robes after the monsoon season
  • Hot Air Balloon Festival
    • Date : One week before and until the Fullmoon Day of Tazaungmone(November)*
    • Venue : Taunggyi (Southern Shan State)
    • Details : Hot Air balloons are sent aloft to pay homage to the Sulamuni Pagoda
    • supposed to be in heaven. There are also competitions of hot-air balloons
  • Parade of Lights Festival
    • Date : Fullmoon night of Tazaungmone (November)*
    • Venue : Taunggyi, Southern Shan State
    • Details : The whole town turns up in decorated lights and floats to pay homage to the Pagoda at the edge of the tow
  • Thadingyut Lights Festival and Weaving Competition
    • Date : Fullmoon day of Tazaugmone*
    • Venue : All over the country
    • Details : All the houses are lighted up to pay homage to Lord Buddha who comes down to the abode of humans after sending Buddhist Lent in Heaven. Holy robes are also woven during the night to offer to the Images before dawn and many competitions are held especially at major pagodas.

  • Christmas Day
    • Date : December 25
    • Venue : Celebrated by Christians all over the country.
  • Akha New Year Festival
    • Date : In December*. The date is fixed according to the Akha calendar.
    • Venue : Kyaing Tong Township, Eastern Shan State
    • Details : Akha ethnic New Year festival
  • 9000 Lights and 9000 flowers Offering
    • Date : normally celebrated on the 31st of December but may vary *
    • Venue : Golden Rock (Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda), Kyaikhto Township
    • Details : This is a very unique pagoda perched precariously on the tip of a rock.
The Myanmar calendar subscribes to both the solar and lunar months, thus requiring an intercalary 30-day 13th month every second or third year. Therefore, the full moon days may change from one month to another in the usual calendar. The Myanmar months and the respective festivals are as follows.

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